What is Scribd?

Scribd is a free online file-sharing service that provides storage for music, video and photo files. Upon registering for an account Scribd will provide users with 10-GB of online storage space. However, files stored by users with free accounts are removed if you do not log in the account for 180 days. Scribd sets a 2048-MB size limitation per file.

Scribd also offers an application programming interface (API) that allows others to implement different Scribd services (e.g. search, login) on Web sites.

Scribd Free Premium Link Generators

Max File Size Bandwidth Max N° of Files
01 AlemdarLeech (offline) N/A N/A N/A
02 AutoGenerateLink (unstable) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
03 CBoxPremiumLeech (offline) 2GB 20GB 1 link/3 mins
04 EXRapidLeech 909MB N/A 4 links/day
05 FakirDebrid (offline) 800MB 30GB 2 links/10 mins
06 LeechAll (unstable) 10GB N/A 3 files/day
07 LeechPremium (unstable) Unlimited Unlimited